Friday, October 16, 2009


So we did leave a Boo! gift after all for one family in our neighborhood

I felt bad leaving just one, as the official poem says you are supposed to Boo two houses. Of course, since we are currently un-Booed, we could receive a Boo now, and have to do two more houses. What was I thinking?

The Skelanimals bag is from Target, and is free with the purchase of two bags of "ghoul mix" M&Ms. There is also a coupon on the bag for 50 cents off the M&Ms. At my Target, the bags were not anywhere near the M&Ms, so you may need to go hunt for one if you want to get the bag for free (I think you can buy it for $1.99 and not end up with 2 bags of M&Ms to guiltily devour on your own).


Favorite of the day: This idea (and its genius execution) made my day. I want to be a deviled egg for Halloween!!

Working on: Mass food production

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