Sunday, October 11, 2009

And Spaceboy I've missed you*

As mentioned, I have many wee wonderfuls patterns on hand, most of which I have not tried.

The Spaceboy and Robot patterns were probably some of my faves, and I am surprised it has taken me this long to make something from this pattern set. This Spaceboy is for a neighbor boy's birthday next weekend (he loves space stuff). I'm sure with time it will become burdensome, but so far we are having fun with our new found responsibility to attend birthday parties for Hank's friends. In addition to some homemade gift ideas, I found a great local store with a selection of unique boy-friendly toys that around $10 for all tomorrow's parties.

* bonus points for Smashing Pumpkins link between posts!


Favorite of the day: I saw this new Target feature through a blog, but didn't bookmark it and couldn't find it through the home page. Found it again, and looking forward to some hot tips on mixing and matching clothes from my favorite store!

Working on: Another gift

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Leslie said...

The space boy is so cute!!! I think I will pull these out myself, handmade Xmas is right around the corner!