Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Value of Determination*

There are a few thrifting "gems" I am always on the look out for. Dishes to match this set. Vintage Hawaiian dresses. Those nesting Japanese coffee mugs all the cool people have (as yet undiscovered),

and these books. Wow. Talk about a trip down memory lane. I think I read all of the books from this series that were published through 1985 and were available at my elementary school library. The books chronicle the lives of famous people, and have a common theme of assigning a value to that person.

I have been looking for these books in thrift stores and online. The only problem was - I couldn't remember the "value" part! I knew there was something that unified the books, besides their cool style, but not knowing what it was, it was pretty useless to try to do a search for them online.

But, as soon as I saw this book about Cochise, I knew I had found them. Currently scouting Ebay for more.

* In case you were wondering, Helen Keller's story depicts the value of determination.


Favorite of the day: I wanna move to France!

Working on: Gifts for parties we are attending this weekend


I Am Very Mary said...

Thinking that you may wanna check this out!

jek-a-go-go said...

f only i saw this before i hit the thrift this morning...i swear i saw one of the books there today. drats! will keep an eye out!

Kira said...

I loved those books too!
Although I remember one...I think it was Louis Pasteur...had this scary rabid dog that bit a little boy. That part always scared me! (although it did not make me scared of dogs)