Monday, September 07, 2009

Not that I promote laboring on Labor Day

But if you must, might I suggest these chocolate croissants from Trader Joe's?

You leave them out to proof overnight

and in the morning bake for 20 minutes for a fresh yummy treat!

Enjoy your day off, friends, laboring at the things you enjoy most.


Favorite of the day: Silhouette pendants? Yes please! (via poppytalk)

Working on: Craft room organization


Dad.. said...

DANG!!! Those look divine!! I Sooooo wish we had a trader joes in Colorado!!

Junie Moon said...

Yummmm...they look delicious and it seems most of the work is done for you so laboring unduly on Labor Day is not too bad. I've got to buy some and try this myself.

leslie said...

ok now, those are fantastic!! going to trader joes today on my lunch break for sure. thanks!!

The Liz said...

Oh how I love these...esp with a mimosa on a Sunday morning. Trader Joe's rules my world!

Full of Heart said...

Those are one of my "must buy" things from Trader's, they are SO DANG GOOD!!

eviedee said...

I tried these today based your post and the croissants are so (insert blasphemous phrase here) delicious!! Plus I actually love that you have to wait the nine hours. It makes it seem like you actually baked something. "Id love to chat but I must go attend to my croissants, I've just finished proofing them and now I've got to apply an egg wash" No one has to know that you skipped that whole thousand layers of butter and pastry part. All payoff and insanely little work. Fabulous recommendation!!