Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Give me an inch

In our rental - you know, the one where I ripped up the bedroom carpet - our platform bed set on the wood floor allowed for some storage underneath. Now, with carpeted bedrooms, the amount of space under the bed is only about 5 inches.

Since we need every ounce of storage we can get in our tiny house, and the average under bed storage container is 6 or 7 inches high, it was time to get creative.

For our personal items, I found these large but low profile baskets at Target. Oh, did I mention we no longer have room for our bedside tables? So the baskets were necessary to house bedside essentials.

Another item I had stored under the bed was wrapping paper. Previously I used a soft sided storage bag, but either it was taller than 5 inches to begin with or I overloaded it, but either way we needed another solution. BT designed a board with bungee cords to hold the rolls in place. I *hope* the rolls don't get too dusty under the bed, but for now out of sight out of mind.

We still have some potential storage space under the bed to spare, so I'll keep looking for low profile storage solutions!


Favorite of the day: The homemade bubbles with chenille stem bubble wands are just about the best thing ever.

Working on: File organization


mascanlon said...

Have you checked out the bed elevators at Bed, bath and Beyond? I use then to raise my sewing table about 8 inches to cutting table height but they sell them to raise beds up for storage. they seem sturdy enough....

Melissa said...

I love this idea! As far as the dust issue goes, could you not just cover it loosely with a sheet or tablecloth cut to size?
p.s. I tumbled this