Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little baggies full of ticky tacky

Despite efforts to curb toy purchases and reduce the amount of baby stuff that comes into the house, there was a need to create a way to contain toys that have multiple pieces

I made some simple drawstring bags for some items. These bigger bags are for toys that we wouldn't leave out for Hank when we weren't playing with him, so it was ok to have the drawstring.

For the rest of the bags that are stored in his toy cabinet, I sewed a piece of elastic inside the top to make a puckery closure. Would you use these to hold marbles? No. But they work great for bigger items that can't fit through the opening. I still feel relatively in control - of the toys, at least.


Favorite of the day: Time to start planning for a birthday bash, I suppose. Eek!

Working on: More solutions


Junie Moon said...

The bags are a great idea for collecting the flotsam and jetsam of childhood toys.

Dee Light said...

What a great idea. It seems that there is alway a never endeing stream of toys coming into my house. I may just have to try your idea:)

Gina said...

Those are so cute, cutest bags ever in the universe - I like the little guys popin out of em too : )