Sunday, July 26, 2009

More overwhelming than Disneyland

BT has gone to the San Diego Comic Con every year since 1993. Despite my curiousity about the biggest geek fest on the West coast, I have never been allowed to accompany him, as this has historically been a *guy only* event for him and his friends.

This year I was *granted permission*to bring Hank down for Family Day so he could claim some day (if he chooses to profess such a thing) that he has gone to Comic Con every year since birth. Whether his mom could get in to the sold out event was questionable, but BT's friends made it happen.

So my summary of Comic Con in 4 words: hot, smelly, crowded, and overwhelming. Hank agreed (see above). Though, he did have Lois Lane exclaiming about how cute he was over a sea of people. And, you know, she has Superman as a comparison, so that really means something!

Mama spent her time checking out her favorite celebs

And the day ended with a blessing from the Buddy Christ

Will I bring Hank down for next year's event? Absolutely. Will I be attending? I think instead I will check out one of the many spas around the convention center. Mama will let this continue as a guy event.


Junie Moon said...

Well, at least now you've had the experience and don't have to imagine what goes on there. I've been to one similar-type convention at the bequest of my children and brother. It was a Star Trek convention in Atlanta. My family, with exception of me, are major Trekkies. It was quite fascinating to see folks wearing pretty realistic costumes emulating their favorite characters (and alien species). What a hoot!

Full of Heart said...

My boyfriend realllllly wanted to go to that, and now I'm surely glad that even if he had gone, that I didn't go as well!