Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So dada won

as a first word. Followed closely by "Unk"

which we assume means Hank. Or Hunk. I'm sure he feels either could apply to him.

**Edited to add - There is a third word Hank is working on that sounds like "Un-ju." I was thinking about it tonight and wonder if this is his word for Nigel, another boy at his school who is at the same level of activity as Hank (i.e. always getting into something), and probably has his name said many times during the day. If so, then I guess mama is pretty low on the totem pole...


Favorite of the day: Little Circus via Black*Eiffel

Working on: Unk accessories


Full of Heart said...

I think it's scientifically proven that mama is a harder word to say than dada.
And you still have a stinkin' cute kiddo there, unk, hunk OR Hank.

ellie said...

My daughters first word was Unga which was Sarah-speak for uncle. When she was older she shortened that to Ga and our Uncle Lawrence was Ga after that!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Ruby's 1st word was sssss sssss,turns out it was shoe!!!
This is a true story! adorable little Unk ya got there!

Junie Moon said...

How cute; it's so much fun hearing what new words babies learn. My son's first word was "Hey" because I greeted him every morning with "Hey, Boogie Bear".