Monday, June 08, 2009

Hank at (almost) 7 months

*Is crawling for real now and getting into everything...

* The same day he perfected his crawl, he decided it was time for the next big thing and has been hefting himself up using anything that seems like it might remotely support his weight. He even "cruises" between pieces of furniture!

* The preceeding two occurences have resulted in a myriad of bumps and bruises. I can be sitting right next to him, but he zigs when I thought he was going to zag. Poor guy looks like a prize fighter some days!

* Can kneel, sit up on his own, and various other physical feats I am told are typically achieved in the 9th or 10th month. He's a physical guy!

* But he's also a lover - he gives hugs and "kisses" (open-mouthed slobbery ones), complete with "mwa" noise. Following in his father's footprints, he is a jokester, too. He gives zerberts, and loves to hear us laugh.

* I think we are close to a "mama" or "dada." Who will win?

* I would love to say we are sleeping through the night and have reached baby-rearing nirvana, but that would be a lie...


Favorite of the day: I would like to do this using a canvas drop cloth instead of a shower curtain.

Working on: Fixing up the guest/craft room for guests later this month

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Jane said...

So cool! I always thought the name Hank was a strong name and it seems he is living up to that!