Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Advertising with food

The participants in our church's CSA appear to be dwindling. I'll be the first one to admit that we have a hard time using everything in one week, and I have had to make some soups, and do some freezing, giving, and, sadly, throwing away.

But, I feel good supporting a local farmer, and $20 per month goes to the church's school that I hope to enroll Hank in as soon as he is old enough. So, I will stay in for as long as I can. Besides, who would want to quit now before all the yummy tomatoes and melons come in season?

The church had a potluck this weekend, and I made a couple of goodies using items from our CSA, including Zucchini Walnut muffins and Martha's Peanut Butter and Jelly bars using jam that the farm has made from their strawberries. I made little signs letting people know that my items were made from CSA produce. Hope they were a good endorsement!


Favorite of the day: Seriously awesome party theme - can't wait til I can Netflix the HBO movie!

Working on: zzzzzzzz...


Kathleen said...

I know what you mean! Last year I got over 10 pounds of bok choy in one week. I worked tirelessly to use it all up, but it ended up bunny fodder when my inspiration dwindled. Great idea to advertise at gatherings though.

Sarah and Jack said...

When I enquired about the only CSA I could find around here (and I would have had to drive an hour to make the pick ups), the cost was so high there was no way in you know what we could have afforded it. Maybe it's just too expensive for folks right now?

michelleb. said...

Last year I was put on a waiting list for our CSA. This year I got in and bought a half share (p/u every other week)just to see how it all worked. When I picked up the first box, I thought "that's all? it's not going to make it a week." It was a perfect amount and nothing was wasted. Yesterday I p/u the second & am thinking that the 1/2 share is the perfect way to go for our family of 5.

Junie Moon said...

The little signs are a useful and cute idea. I need to check to see if there's a CSA program where I live. I've been meaning to do it but since there's just the two of us, I've been worrying about having too much just as you mentioned.

leslie said...

yeah jen! i have been making zucchini stirfry daily (even for breakfast!! with eggs) and i think the muffins are next. thats what happens when something comes in to season, i am hoping to get my fill of zucchini and then take a break from it until next year. we'll see.

the tomatoes are coming in at my plot, let me know if you want some (sounds like you will have enough though!)

thanks for hanging with me the other day. i cant wait for more friday visits. the concert in the parks start june 30th if you want to come with us.