Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome summer

Our CSA boxes are getting more and more interesting as we get closer to summer

Our Memorial Day dinner was tasty, with 6 different types of vegetables.

These purple-hulled green beans, unfortunately, turned green when cooked, but were still a delicious hint of exciting things to come!


Favorite of the day: Gawd, people do some beautiful things for their wedding nowadays...

Working on: Making soup from all the produce we need to use before it's too late


Junie Moon said...

Those beans look delicious. Like you, I think it would be great if their lovely purple color could be maintained.

I quick jumped to see the wedding stuff. You're right, so many wonderful things being done today.

They have CSA programs in Phoenix, I have a note on my desk to check for any opportunities here in Tucson. You've reminded me to look it up this morning.

Full of Heart said...

Wow, those are some funky looking beans! There are NO CSA's around here which makes me really upset because I wanted to join one so badly. Thankfully there is one teeeeeeeny farmer's market every weekend or I'd be going nuts with having only grocery chain produce to use...