Saturday, May 30, 2009

Speaking of our CSA

This weekend our CSA hosted a free barbecue for members at their farm.

The event sounded a little dubious from the invite. Basically you would pick your own food, wash it, prepare it, and cook it yourself with tofu. I mean - how was this any different than participating in the program, except now we would have to do even more work by picking the stuff? And BT wondered - where's the beef?

Well, it turned out to be a good time. It was fun to go to the different "stations" and pick your produce - enough for one meal. During the preparation, BT managed to cut himself with a plastic knife - you know, the ones they put out so the kids wouldn't hurt themselves. He isn't normally so hands on with his food...

(Cilantro, spinach, zucchini, Maui onions, wax beans, and carrots)

The veggies were wrapped up in the foil and thrown on the grill. We figured they used tofu to avoid dealing with issues if meat was not cooked well enough by the participants. Very tasty - even better than at home!

(Leafy greens field and Irvine in the background. This is an urban farm - can't imagine how much the land is worth!)

The best part was dessert - strawberries! The strawberries we receive in our weekly box are pretty terrific - very sweet. Store bought ones always have a bleachy after taste to them to me - does anyone else ever notice that? Anyway, turns out organically grown berries are even sweeter right off the vine. It was like eating candy. Heaven!

(Hank thinks he is pretty clever that he picked a leaf when I wasn't watching. The spiky things are large Maui onions. Judging by our community share basket, I think people are getting a little tired of them. But, judging by the number of onions I saw growing today, there are plenty more to enjoy this season...)


Favorite of the day: The Neiman Marcus Cookie's equivalent recipe for Red Velvet Cake.

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