Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm really off my game

It was only after I dropped off the muffins for Hank's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, having exhausted my brain as to how I could present them

that I remembered I had apple paper, apple and school related stickers, and some funky Japanese paper cutouts in the shape of apples.

The muffins are apple - does that count?

And no, I didn't do the handmade muffin liners from the current Martha Stewart Living. I bought them this way, ok?


Favorite of the day: This book looks amazing

Working on: Dreaming of a craft challenge for myself if I had a day to myself - 8 crafts in 8 hours.


frantically heidi said...

I think they look wonderful just as they are. Too much decoration would have overshadowed the muffins, right?

Full of Heart said...

I was JUST looking at the muffin papers in Martha this morning during breakfast wondering if I'm crazy enough to do that sort of thing...