Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hank @ (almost) 6 months

* Is on the move! Up on all fours, he moves each leg in a crawl motion, than goes down on his belly and hefts himself forward and repeats. He makes it across the room fairly quickly.

* Says ba-ba-ba but on his terms (i.e. don't tell somebody he can do it and expect him to do it)

* Just last night pulled himself into a standing position without help!

* Wants to see/touch/eat everything

* Sits unsupported for about 10 minutes at a time

* Still not sleeping through the night, but hey nobody is perfect


Favorite of the day: French Bull picnic set (via ohdeedoh)

Working on: Having a relaxing weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, future moms, and moms at heart out there!


Sharona R. said...

Ohhhhhhhhh! He is absolutely adorable!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my, it took Jack a long time to work out how to stand up! Maybe he will be an early little walker...

Jill said...

Hank is absolutely precious! And it sounds like he's really advanced, too! Must be good genes!

Shanna said...

happy first mother's day!

Megan said...


He looks pretty perfect to me.

Junie Moon said...

What a sweet baby; Hank is adorable. It's such a gift to watch a baby grow. I know your heart if full of joy.