Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turns out people don't like cleaning

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And that leads us right into another giveaway!

I had a little party planned for this weekend - a green cleaning party. No, I wasn't inviting people over to clean my house. Rather, I was going to use the party planning kit here to put together a little discussion about reducing toxins in the home, and then we would make our own environmentally friendly cleaning products while noshing on organic goodies.

Well, I didn't hear back from most of my invited guests. I finally decided to cancel, and then I received a barrage of emails from people who apologized for not responding sooner but they a) don't like cleaning or b) don't have any interest in using green cleaning products.

Totally understood. I will plan a *fun* party next time, ladies!

So here is a bag of goodies that was going to be the door prize at the party that I would like to give away here. It has a few cleaning products in it, but mostly it is just fun and earthy. Leave a comment about an environmentally friendly activity you do or would like to do in your home. Winner will be chosen on Earth Day, April 22. U.S. only for this one - sorry!

Favorite of the day: The Mayberry Sparrow (via Smaller, another fave added today!)

Working on: Hank and I are STILL sick, if you can believe that. Probably wouldn't have been a good weekend for a party, anyway. Working on getting healthy again.


Slack said...

I don't like to clean but when I do, I often make my own products. You can do a lot with baking soda and white vinegar. I'd love to see your tips and goodies!

Jane said...

I also use baking soda and vinegar to do a lot of cleaning- I think actually inspired by your blog. I know that the microfiber towels that I bought were because you recommended them. My favorite green thing is to shop at thrift stores.

Dana said...

I just found a great cleaner to mix up online. It works wonders :) It's rubbing alcohol and amonia. I use baking soda for tough stuck on things, and baking soda and vinegar to clean out the garbage disposal.

Thanks for a great giveaway, and I'm
sorry your party didn't work out, but glad we get to take home the goodies ;)



Emy said...

I believe that reusing is very important. Last night I went out dumpster diving (its bulk trash week, so maybe scavenging is a better word) and scored a few great vintage finds.
As far as cleaning goes, i love baking soda and vinegar, as well as lemons. Those 3 items can probably cure cancer! :D That and fresh air.

I'll be honest though. i hate the cfl's with a passion.

Pink Sky said...

I would love to learn any green solutions for cleaning mildew from the shower. Our current solution is so stinky! We squeegee but it still appears every so often, and it's frustrating. There has got to be something better.

Sorry about your party, though I have to admit I don't like cleaning I would've loved to learn any green alternatives. I know a lot of what I've learned to make my life easier as far as cleaning up the house has come from friends sharing ideas!

Pink Sky said...

P.S. I hope you and Hank get well soon. :(

Deirdre said...

That sounds like it would have been a fun party. Maybe next time you can do a make-your-own make-up and shampoo / conditioner / soap party. That would be fun.

It's amazing to thing that 100 years ago, people cleaned with ammonia, vinegar, and Borax. We have been so seduced by the belief that we need all those chemical cleaners to get the house clean.

My favorite green thing to do is not clean the house at all. :)

Acutally, I've found hot water cleans the floor just as well as adding some floor cleaner. And it doesn't leave the floor sticky, like the cleaning products do. I've noticed a significant difference in how clean my floor stays when I use just hot water. The sticky cleaning products actually make my floor get dirtier faster.

Rebecca said...

I have a feeling that ANY party you throw would be fun. :)

I'm trying to "green" up my cleaning. I've been using some new natural cleaners (though I have yet to find one I really like) and I have been researching using more baking powder and other natural cleaning elements.

Junie Moon said...

Congratulations to your winner. I love cleaning with natural products and make my own, too. My absolute favorite is the lavender laundry detergent; it's just so magical on laundry day.

i am very mary said...

oooh - we've just picked up the newest most awesomest composter of everdom! watch in awe and amazement as coffee grinds and grass clippings become, well, compost... oooooh!

Becky said...

I'm not so big on cleaning either, but when I must, baking soda is a cure-all. I am big on eating, and growing my own food, so composting is a must. And the clothesline goes up this weekend...

Shara said...

I have a ton of reuseable shopping bags. I carry them everywhere. I get comments at the thrift store when I have my own bag for my treasures. No more plastic bags!

Feel better - Hank too. ;o)

SweeTart77 said...

Ooh! I joined this women's group too and just got my cleaning party kit in the mail. I make a ton of my own cleaning products and can't wait to share with my friends. Raising awareness for this is cool important and everyone I talk to is very interested. The kit itself is so fun!