Friday, April 03, 2009

Mini me

The first two days of day care were -- not as bad as expected

Jennifer 1975

I won't win the Mother of the Year award for admitting it was nice to have a little break, and to spend a couple of days meeting a different set of needs - those of my adult children (my employees). The days went by so fast, and I do get to visit Hank at lunch to nurse and see how his day was going.

Hank 2009

Picking him up last night, however, the reality set in that this is our life now, not just an isolated week that we did something different. Some days I won't be able to see him at lunch due to meetings. Business trips will start again. The control freak side of me doesn't know exactly how he spends his days (there is a sheet with basic info, but it is not enough), how much he is allowed to cry, etc. What's normal to the teacher may not fit with how I have cared for him to date.

Beyond the regular questions any parent would have about just about any day care facility (why does every friggin kid have a runny nose?), there are a few things that really bother me about the school he is at. I have exactly two more options left to try, otherwise I am going to need to smuggle him in to work every day in my purse. Make that a suitcase - he is quite large.

I am confident that the right situation will present itself with time. I am thankful BT and I are able to stay at home with him on Mondays and Fridays. Now if I could just figure out a way to make my same salary through more creative stay-at-home measures...
Favorite of the day: Guerilla love kit via Kirtsy
Working on: Projects for church (LB folks - Rummage sale this weekend!)


shanna said...

oh man! if i lived nearby i'd babysit for next to nothing! just to see that gummy grin everyday would be worth it! he's so adorable!

Gina said...

You two are so cute. Your feelings are just natural, I love the suitcase comment, LOL : )

i am very mary said...

I have a really cute robin's egg blue train case, just in case you have to go there.