Friday, April 17, 2009

It's me again!

As promised, here is the second Lark book that I have a project in - Pretty Little Cozies

I guess they could always have changed their minds and bumped me and my bread basket cozy out - hehe

I'm just glad there is physical evidence in the world that I once used to be a crafter.

Be it on purpose or accident, I was sent two copies of this book. So - giveaway time!! Please leave a comment and I will announce a winner on Sunday. Let me know a project you want to work on, but don't have enough time, money, skills, energy, etc. to complete.

Favorite of the day: This is mesmerizing. I get overwhelmed on the Zappos site, so this might help me make a decision. You know, by copying somebody else. Via kirtsy.

Working on: I've gotta do something crafty or you guys are all going to ditch me!


Slack said...

I'd love to make a quilt for our bed (queen size). What I lack is money for fabric, real skills (I've mostly finished my first machine quilted lap quilt...can't seem to finish hand stitching the binding), and the time to put one together.

emilyspaint said...

well I am not a crafter...(is that a word?) but I paint....and I would love to finish a painting I started but then had to stop while I moved to a new apt :(

If I win I will put your book in my library for all Pittsburghers to enjoy!

Thanks for the inspirational blog!

Pink Sky said...

Congratulations on being published! :) How exciting to see your work in print! :)

I started knitting an afghan and after many rows I realized I wanted to do a different stripe sequence that would look better. But after that much work put into it already it's tough to rip out the old stitches and start over. So it sits neglected in the knitting basket...

Julia said...

I want to win your pretty little book! Sweet!---My not enough project would be well, all of them. It's been a while since I've finished anything of note. Like my nephew's quilt (2years) An afgahn for my bed (5 years) wedding quilt for a friend (wedding today) And so on forever!

Emy said...

Let's see. where should I begin? A crochet ripple blanket, refinishing Cale's retro rocket into Mabel's Mean Machine, another quilt (not started, but dreamed of), spring summer wardrobes (i dream big).

Oh crafting, how I miss thee.

Congrats on the publication!!!

Heidi said...

I'd like to do a bunch of clothing embellishment ideas I've had floating in my head for awhile--sew some buttons all over the yoke of a sweater, embroider an owl on a denim shirt. And a bunch of knitting UFOs.

That Zappos map is cool! It's like vicarious shoe shopping. Much more economical!

Valerie said...

I would love to finish a green and white gingham apron (started it last year), needlepoint Advent Calendar (on-going),and adorable baby spit rags (sounds strange I know.

Full of Heart said...

It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one always overwhelmed by Zappos!!

mascanlon said...

Gosh I thought I commented earlier this week, it might be too late..oh well! Cute little guy and he is growing so fast. I have done a lot fo sewing this year for my one year grand daughter, lots of little stuffed toys and the fabulous stacking rings of Heather Bailey but its time to get back to making some quilts, I miss it!

woof nanny said...

Congrats on the book Jen--that's fantastic!

And I really need to finish Jen's apron....(no, I have not forgotten