Sunday, March 01, 2009

Not much to show

as a result of my blog break. I made some cupcakes (Frost-ed/Nixon for the Oscars get it?), and a terrarium for a 2-year-old's b-day (didn't get a pic, but no worries as this is my new go-to gift for the toddler set for a while)

We finally had a burst of inspiration for decorating the living room (aka, for those of you who know us in person, the storage room). We bought an
Expedit bookcase, and filed our books by subject (art, cars, geekery).

The shelves above were placed to fill out the space, and now house our finer tiki wares. So - the living room theme became - drum roll please - Uber Tiki Modern. Lots of white and small, subtle touches of tiki reminiscent of a bygone era. Starting with this lamp. I'll keep ya posted!


Favorite of the day: (buggy hook - so need these!) via Cool Mom picks

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eviedee said...

Lovely!! I can't wait to see it in person. That lamp is ah may zing!