Monday, March 02, 2009

Hank @ (almost) 4 months

* Sits in his high chair (no food yet - just plays with his utensils)

* Went from hating to loving being on his belly

* Can "sit" hunched over for a few minutes

* Loves to have you bring him from a sitting to a standing position

* Has rolled over twice from his belly but wasn't quite sure how he got there

* Laughs a hearty laugh

* Has a never-ending supply of drool

* Does not sleep through the night. Not by a long shot...


Favorite of the day: Tankless water heater review on Re-Nest

Working on: House re-fi


Anonymous said...

Love the utensils and bowl setting. Where did you get them? He is growing so fast. I loved holding him and watching him smile the other day. Can't wait to get some more time with him and stop by to see the new house since you have unpacked and fixed it up.

Talk to you soon. Hugs and kisses.

Jenn #2

Emy said...

Who needs food when you have a yummy bowl to chew on??? :D What a cutie!
And I love your house so far. Can't wait to see more.

Coleen said...

He's adorable!!!! Isn't it scary how quickly time's gone by? I know it stinks when they stop sleeping thru the night, have you started rice cereal? It seems to help, even just a little bit.... I wish he and Charlie could have a little playdate! Keep the photos coming!

Deirdre said...

I love the name Hank! He's so cute and so orange!

Jennifer said...

Utensils and bowl Skip Hop @ Target (online), high chair Inglesina (also Target online)

Heidi said...

What a little love he is! Darling chubby cheeks. :) I like how you said he can roll over but has no idea how he got there. LOL

Jenn said...

Has it been four months already? Wow!

He is such a cutie!

Heidi said...

Such big eyes! Adorable!

It's been six months and still not sleeping through the night here yet either.

It's tiring but worth it.

Junie Moon said...

He is so adorable! I love the photo, lots of excellent color, light, and the perfect little model.