Monday, March 23, 2009


DC (Day Care) day is next Wednesday.

Sewing some comfort items, like a simple sleep sack and some blankets, that will hopefully get Hank through his three days per week at the school.

To date Hank has not been away from both of his parents at the same time. He still nurses frequently, and has not adopted any self-soothing measures (pacifiers, teethers, thumb sucking) to date. He loves to play, but has a hard time entertaining himself for long. On a positive note, he loves other kids. At the play group we go to, he is the youngest by a few months, but he lays over my arm and reaches out excitedly at the kids that walk or crawl by.

How will he make it on his own?

How will I...?


On hand: Flannel - yards and yards purchased by my mom for Christmas, ribbon, lots of love

Upcycled: N/A

Cost: $0


Favorite of the day: Mission Street Food (def hitting this if we ever make it to SF again. Also favorited - sites about SF with kids) via Kirtsy in a roundabout way

Working on: Easter basket for Silent Auction at church


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

He is so sweet!!!

Coleen said...

I know it is hard! I know you've probably heard it before-- it will be harder on you than them... seemed to be true in our case. He was sorta like, "Mom! I'll be fine!" the first time I left him... it took me a long time to leave that morning. I hear that it's harder when they're older. Will you get to do half days? Bring lots of photos of him to work, leave a shirt of yours with the day care folks (this was really comforting for Charlie),... and count down the hours like I do! :) Some other advice-- don't know if he's into cereal yet, but have them give him breakfast as soon as he gets there so he's got something "to do"....Sorry to leave you such a long comment, but I hate that we have to leave our little guys :( I'll be thinking of you.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh sweetie. I won't lie and say it will be a breeze, it will surely be hard for awhile. I hope it goes better than you are expecting.

Jenn said...

Wow he's getting big! Hope everything goes well for all three of you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn!

What great blankets. Madeline loves her penguin blankie that you made for her and she takes it to day care too. For the first 7 months Maddie had a Nanny that came and sat with her in our home but since Jan she has been going to a in home day care that has a total of 6 children all ages. I was hesitant too but I can not say how much she has grown over just a few months with the constant interaction of other children. Since Maddie is an only child (for now) she started crawling, pulling herself up, becoming more independent, enjoying playtime on her own and babbling more. I know it will be hard but for me... I am thrilled with her social skills and progress in development.

It is amazing how much they learn by being around other children and watching the other children do things. Grant it ... could be bad or good picking up on other children's habits etc, but for now it is ALL positive behavior. She will be 11 months on the 7th. Good luck and I am always a phone call away. See on the 27th.

Love ya,

Jenn #2

Sarabeth said...

Hi Jennifer,
Hank is adorable and a lucky baby to have you for a mom. For what it's worth, our experience with day care has been really great. I have 3 kids--7, 5, and 7 months--who all started full-time day care as infants. I always felt secure about the center (that they would be safe, cuddled, and tended to), but what surprised and gratified me was how much more they got. From so early on they have learned to trust many caring adults and be comfortable around different people, not just my husband and me. They also hugely enjoyed watching and then interacting with a cohort of other babies and toddlers, even at just a few months old. We ourselves learned a lot from the teachers about different strategies for things, trying new things (how to teach a baby to drink from a cup, napping techniques, how to cook with a 1-year-old, etc.)...after all, most of the teachers had much more experience with babies than we did! We also bonded with the other families (if your center doesn't already offer any opportunities for potlucks or other group get-togethers, you might try to organize one for the families in the room. Just muffins and juice in the park on a Saturday can be a great way to create a little community for yourselves around the "baby friends" (who can remain real friends for many years to come, in our experience). Of course it's still hard to be apart, but overall I think this balance is working for us all. I can tell that the teachers genuinely enjoy the children, so I just feel like she's got a bigger network of people who care about her. I know she's also getting to do some really varied, fun things that I probably wouldn't be doing with her (like "music class" and painting), and I do like my job too.
I hope this might be a little reassuring during this hard transition for you--like anything it will take a while to settle into, but I hope it will turn out to be a good experience for you and Hank. It's great that you made him such sweet things to surround him with your love during the day. Take care and wishing you all the best.