Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bechamel me, bechamel me mucho

I forgot how much I loooove bechamel

(Scallopini with ham and cheese. And bechamel. I know - you wouldn't think you would need a sauce when you already have the cheese, but you do. Yes, you do)

Thanks to Apples for Jam for the reminder. Yeah - I'm a little late to the party in checking this book out. And by *checking out* I mean having the book delivered to my house. I'm still Bookswimming it (every craft book you wanted to check out before you commit to buy is on there!) BUT - I have been supporting our local libraries by checking books out for Hank from the library weekly. Transitions are important in my life right now.

Not sure what happened with the broccolini here...let's ignore it.


Favorite of the day: Ok - we totally threw this party but did not take a single picture! Here is a written description of our party. It's a winner! (via Kirtsy)

Working on: Misc. tags, labels, and gift wrapping. Finishing touches, if you will.


Junie Moon said...

Your meal sounds yummy. I just learned how to make bechamel sauce (I'm so behind things) and posted my adventure using it today on my blog. Now I've discovered the how-to part of it, I can try it on other things, like your delicious sounding dish.

Coleen said...

Yum! What a great idea for a party! So, I'm hoping today went ok for you!!!??? Today is the first day I left Charlie with someone other than his sitter-- grandma-- I guess if she raised me.... :) Really, though, I hope today wasn't too bad! I'm thinking of ya.