Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby, I've been waiting

I think I waited half my life away (hehe) to see Leonard Cohen in concert

(publicity shots via Amoeba)

Sorry to get all White Oleander on you, but Mr. Cohen is who I turn to on days when the spark of my soul is a little dim. Somehow making myself more depressed helps heal the pain. I'm an enigma.

So, yeah - Easter weekend, Leonard? Really? Guess I'll miss seeing you after all this time...{sniff}. Oh well. Nothing left to do when you've got to go on waiting - waiting - for the miracle to come...


Favorite of the day: High Fructose Corn Syrup in Unexpected Places (via Strollerderby)

Working on: Sleep sack for Hank


Junie Moon said...

One of these days ... that's what I tell myself when concerts I want to attend are not scheduled as I'd wish. Live concerts are so much richer in depth than just having CDs to listen to at home.

Jill said...

oh my god if you could make some of these for less than the ridiculous asking price of $40, I would gladly by them from you!! We have a swaddle monster with eczema and this offers the glimmer of hope we've been waiting for!!

Jill said...

oh and pardon the spelling and punctuation eating on lap right now...typing one handed is hard!

eviedee said...

Sounds like a great excuse to take a cheap flight or roadtrip to a new place! Of course, I don't have children so it MAY be more complicated with a wee one eh?

Jenna said...

i am so sorry you aren't getting your chance to see leonard. how i would love to see him sing his tower of song. thx for the mention.

Deirdre said...

I love me some Leonard Cohen! Or, suicide music, as my husband calls it.

Where's he playing?