Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amber is the color of his energy

As Amanda recently posted a picture of Harper wearing his amber teething necklace, thought I would show a pic of Hank wearing his beads

I purchased his necklace from this etsy seller. The beads are meant to be worn by babies during teething periods. They are not supposed to chew on the beads, but rather the soothing analgesic properties of the amber absorbs through their skin.

And though Hank's chakras may be cleansed and healed, you will note from this picture he does not have the benefit of another eastern discipline, good feng shui in the nursery, as the space under his crib is currently being used for storage...


Favorite of the day: Jenn's pastry tour of SF (no - we are not planning another trip anytime soon, but I definitely have San Francisco on the brain lately for some reason)

Working on: Maintaining sanity


Greta Adams said...

he is sooo beautiful....i just want to kiss those cheeks

Jenn said...

Golly day he is so cute! I could just eat him up! Those eyes! Those cheeks! Those sweet little hands!

Coleen said...

He really is so adorable!!

Heidi said...

He is so adorable! I had not heard about the amber for teething. Sam is getting Tooth #9 right now.

Junie Moon said...

What a little doll he is! Y'know, I've never heard of this amber stuff for babies before. No one thought of good stuff like this when my children were wee ones.