Thursday, February 05, 2009

We got a new dog!

Except this one doesn't potty in the house and cost hundreds of dollars in vet bills for an as of yet unidentified skin condition...

Hey - speaking of hundreds of dollars - guess how much our gas bill was last month? 370 freaking dollars! I'll save you the trouble of hopping over to my profile to remind yourself where I live. Nope - not the Midwest, but balmy southern California. We are investigating a leak, as there really was no discernible difference in our heater usage compared to the couple months prior. Although, admittedly I am a hyper-paranoid mama who most likely does keep the house a bit too toasty.

Anyway, here is our draft guard for the front door until BT can install a weather strip (a project that most likely went to the top of his list once he opened that bill)

I used this fun project guide from Family Fun since I just happened to have a pair of old brown knit tights that I no longer wore

I just used polyfill (and the other leg from the tights) for stuffing, as it is likely the dog will be in place when somebody is coming in through the front door, and it seems like it would be more difficult to open if it was filled with a weighted material. Plus the fact that I didn't have 5 pounds of rice on hand.

On hand: Tights, felt, ribbon, button, polyfill

Upcycled: Tights turned draft guard

Cost: $0


Full of Heart said...

Oh! I like it! I'm assuming it doesn't bark much either?

i am very mary said...

Gas bill: speechless

Sharona R. said...

I love this project, so cool! Maybe I will make a soggy too, I have plenty of single socks lying around..

As for your gas bill - gasp.

woof nanny said...

lol. I was so excited at first.