Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Thanks

My thank you gifts for Emy and Shanna were inspired by this mod wreath that popped up on Apartment Therapy over the holidays

Unfortunately this was not a freebie craft project, as I got my mind set to do it, but didn't have anything on hand except for the ribbon and felt. I wanted to make wreaths just like the one linked to above, but I figured the material and shipping costs would be a little excessive, so I went with a smaller version.

The wrapping materials were all from my stash

I LOVE the beaded acrylic balls on the sheer ribbon (yes, it came this way, pre-threaded. I think I got it at Walmart before they closed their fabric section at our local stores). The boxes were from the dollar store of all places.

Thanks again to everybody for their generosity! I get so many compliments on all of the handmade items people see me use with Hank out in public, or if somebody visits and sees his room. They usually ask me if I made such-and-such, but I say no - this is from a friend I have not yet met in person, but is still a very important person in my life.

On hand: Felt, ribbon, bells, wrapping supplies

Cost: About $20...I didn't get the yarn on sale and, though the styrofoam wreath form is the flimsiest piece of nothing you can imagine (most of them on the rack were broken), they cost 6 bucks each. I saw recently that somebody used a piece of styrofoam that came with a packed item to cut a wreath form. I also saw the rounded version of this size wreath form (which would have been fine) at Dollar Tree.

3 comments: said...

Oh those wreaths are beautiful! I love the texture of the yarn!

Junie Moon said...

I love the wreaths and the packaging. I like to try new projects but always try to be aware of the true cost of crafting. Like you, I try to use what's on hand before resorting to spending money on new supplies.

Shanna said...

love! love! love! i can't wait for the hubby to get back to work so he can see if your package is waiting! the wreaths remind me of the apron you made me, remember?