Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from Mr. Lion, Chicky Friend, and The Sun!

Meet Mr. Lion, Chicky Friend, and The Sun

They are Hank's favorite toys right now. I think we can assume it is because he likes yellow, although BT claims the lion's face looks a little like - well - a boob.

I made Hank's Valentine incorporating his three friends

I included a picture of the toys and a story about them inside the card so years from now he will know who these guys were.

Mr. Lion is used in bed during the wee hours of the morning, when BT and I want to grasp onto just a few more minutes of sleep. Chicky Friend and The Sun are employed when we put Hank down in his bouncy seat to play, and he fusses a bit because he's not sure he wants to play or be held. Chicky Friend inevitably ends up on his arm like this

He does this all by himself!

For BT this year, I had a Flipbook made of a series of head shots (43 total pictures of Hank's different expressions plus credits) that I took of Hank before I decided on how I wanted to do the photoshoot for this project. Here is the book

and here it is wrapped with his requisite V-day peanut butter cups

Hope you had a good one, friends!

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