Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hank Loves His Family to Pieces!

This was a project that let me know things ain't the same as they used to be on the crafting front.

It looks simple on the surface

But these tins, full of glass marble photo magnets, took days to complete. There were many steps, including taking the photos, formatting them (thanks, Babe!), finding the right adhesive to work with the marbles and the photo paper PLUS the pen I used (E6000 did not work with the paint pen I originally used to add the drawn in details).

Despite all the work, they turned out pretty cute. These are destined for Hank's cousins and his grandparents. The magnets show Hank's face, torso, rear end, and feet that were "graffittied" with Valentine writing - kissy lips, a heart, devil tail, and XO. I'm not sure why the face one turned out all ghosty - it kind of creeps me out. The card inside the tin says Hank Loves You to Pieces.

Here they are wrapped

in gift card tins purchased from Michaels a couple of years ago during Christmas.

I totally stole this idea from Leslie and her girls, who gave me a box of their lovely artwork turned magnets for Christmas. Leslie also advised me on where to buy the glass marbles (these are the large flat stone type - on clearance at Target for $2.48!) and tried to help me steer clear of using the wrong glue. I *hate* E6000, but I guess it is what works - so long as you don't use oil-based paint pens!

The tins were sent in transparent padded envelopes with these printable Valentines (more work - print, cut, round corners, address) and some suckers from Target that had a place for To/ From on the wrappers, but none of the pens I tried worked on them, leading me to print out and cut tiny labels for each one...can you say freak?

So I went a little nuts on this one! They were Hank's first Valentines, and I wanted them to be special. I think I'll stick with my rinky dink hour long craft projects from now on, though.

On hand: Tins, glue, photo paper, ribbons, cute baby

Upcycled: Finding new use for gift card tins (although these were not purchased with the intent of using them for gift cards)

Cost: Magnets ($4) and glass marbles ($2.48)


Junie Moon said...

I love this project and think they're a great way to share some Valentine love. Even the wrapping and tags are adorable. Great job!

Jenn said...

So cute! What a creative Valentine :)

leslie said...

you may think you stole the idea from me, but "hank loves you to pieces" is your WAY COOL version. super creative!!! glad you were able to get them done and found the right glue. i still have lots of supplies left so maybe i will finally get the girls pictures on a magnet for the grandparents (my original idea but scrapped due to faulty gluing techniques)

happy v day! (a day later)