Friday, February 06, 2009

Diaper Delivery

Ever since we decided to stick with disposable diapers, we have been overrun with diapers.

First, we had all the 7th Generation diapers that didn't work out. Then, Hank went through two growth spurts in close succession that left us with large quantities of size 1 and size 2 diapers (he is now wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes -- at 3 months...)

What to do with all the extra diapers? I could send them off to our thrift store, as they are pretty good about bagging them up for sale. But instead I have been doling them out to expecting parents. I made a eco diaper cake for a co-worker, and another cake using Pampers for my sister-in-law. I didn't get a pic of either, but they were basically just the diapers with ribbons tied around each layer.

Some friends of ours just welcomed their third child, a girl, after two boys. I know J is thrilled to finally get to buy girl stuff. In determining my gift for her, I knew it had to be girly, and had to include diapers. Here's what I came up with

It's a changing mat that holds a few diapers and wipes (tutorial here). I used a thrifted pillowcase and a piece of minkee fabric plus a layer of cotton batting to give it a little more rigidity. It folds up and has a velcro closure. Guess I should have taken a pic of that as well...

I used the rest of the pillowcase to make a small tote bag to hold the changing mat and maybe a change of clothes

(The ribbon is strung through two button holes. I used almost every scrap of the pillowcase in this project, by doing things like including a pocket inside the tote bag)

I'm sure by now J has ditched the two ton diaper bag for quick trips in favor of the basics. We have a store bought version of a diaper changing wallet like this, but I am too chicken to go anywhere without the big boheemoth. Even if I am just running into Target for - ah - more diapers, I take the big bag with me. You just never know if the roof of the store might cave in and you need to slather your baby with sunscreen. Stat.

On hand: Thrifted pillowcase, Minkee fabric, batting, diapers!!, sample pack of wipes, ribbon

Upcycled: Thrifed pillowcase used for changing mat and tote bag

Cost: $0


Jane said...

That is a lovely gift. I am really enjoying these posts where you use what you have.

Michelle said...

Adorable! And what a great way to reuse! I bet she'll love it!

leslie said...

hey, i spot my favorite stroller in there. thanks for dinner! chris enjoyed hank a little too much, thank goodness there is no way to have another baby at this house (we are ready to babysit for you though, anytime!)