Sunday, February 15, 2009


I did something this morning I haven't done of my own volition for 15 years. I went to church.

Of course there are unlimited opportunities for deciding where to worship, but in the end I didn't stray to far from what I was familiar with. It was not the church of my husband's family, or that in which I was baptized in, nor was it the one that served as my refuge in high school in rebellion to growing up in a religion-free home. It is my grandma's church that brought me inner peace this Sunday.

I debated writing out the rationale for my renewed interest in the divine, but it would probably be a big yawn fest. Suffice it to say I am doing this for my own growth and betterment as an individual - nobody else came with me, and I did not go with the goal to seek out new acquaintances.

On an unrelated note (no pilgrimage or spiritual journey planned to date), I will be taking the rest of the month off from blogging. I will be starting working from home at the end of this month, and I also have a pile of stuff to list for sale on ebay and the like. I guess it is time to get all of my affairs in order!

See you in March!


Janet McKinney said...

All the best in your search for spirituality. It can be a very fulfilling quest to make
Janet McKinney

Jenn said...

Will miss seeing your posts. You always give such great ideas! Already anticipating March :)

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you while you are gone. I work from home and sometimes wish I could go to work and just have a home that is separate. Hmm. I'll be here on March 1 waiting for your "hallelujah" post.

Chrys in KS

Rachel said...

Working from home is great!! Good luck to you!

April said...

I only recently subscribed to your blog and have to say that I too will miss you. Esp considering the topic of your last post here. I too am trying to figure out that aspect of my life and have no clue what I am doing or if I am even really ready. I wish you well in your time off and must say that for me at least, march cannot now come fast enough!

Junie Moon said...

No matter the form one takes to pursue their spiritual path, I applaud the effort. Good for you.

Enjoy your blogging break, we all need one here and there. I'm so tickled you have an opportunity to work from home and wish you well in all your endeavors. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the future when you're ready to return to blogging.

leslie said...

this is a very interesting turn, i look forward to more info!


thedeliberatelife said...

I've followed your blog for a long time now, and am just commenting for the first time. I'm really at the same point as you right now in my spiritual path. I don't know what brought this on or where it will lead, but I'm glad someone else is going through it.

I'll miss you during your break!

Amanda said...

Hi! I discovered your blog only a few months ago and have enjoyed reading about your life as a new parent (I am expecting in May) as well as all the craftiness of course. So much I connect with right now! I too have found myself on somewhat of a spiritual journey of late, accompanying my mom to Mass for the past month after a 10 plus year absence. Totally something I initiated. Not sure exactly where it is coming from...just trusting myself and knowing it feels right even if I do feel like a pretty rusty Catholic at times! Good luck starting back to work, what a blessing you can work from home!

Amanda in Ohio