Friday, January 02, 2009


Preparing for this holiday season, we had to think about things that we wanted to be annual traditions for our family starting with Hank's first Christmas. Here is a list of things we were able to do, and hope to continue for years to come

Visiting Santa.

~ Going to Arizona. Both of our families live there now, which makes the holidays so much easier! Of course, our normal 6 1/2 hour trip took 8 hours, but Hank did ok overall.

~ Christmas Eve with BT's family. This is where you are supposed to see a cute picture of Hank sitting on Santa (Daddy's) lap. But...Hank was not in a good mood this evening (understatement of the century). We stayed upstairs most of the time trying to calm each other down.

~ Opening a present on Christmas Eve

Which happened to be a book (and a stuffed Curious George). Reading a Christmas story on Christmas Eve is another tradition.

~ Leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.

Santa was very messy this year. (Note: This was the tray I used for leaving treats for Santa)

~ Wearing new Christmas PJs (we actually ended up with a few pairs to try on between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

Hank was in a much better mood on Christmas Day. Must have been all of the presents Santa left for him.

~ A new hat.

I decided the thing I would make for Hank each year would be a hat. It seems like something he will appreciate getting for many years to come - maybe into adulthood? Provided they are "cool" enough. And, a hat is super easy to make. This one was made on the way over to Arizona, and only took a couple of hours.

~ Making gifts for others.

Ok, so we only got one (for Daddy) done this year (from
Tutus and Turtles via The Crafty Crow). BUT, we made it through all of our now established annual traditions. It's crazy to think he will be a totally different little person for next Christmas. The time is flying by so quickly!


April said...

so cool.
I have a two year old and I think I am going to follow your plan and actually make a list of the traditions I want to follow with him as well. Thank you for the inspiration and congrats on plowing through that list!

Coleen said...

He's adorable!!! I'd hope'd (is that the right spelling? I'm so tired I can't tell anymore my left from right!).... anyway, I'd hoped to start some traditions of our own, too. That's so sweet that he sits and you read to him-- I've tried, but it seems Charlie would rather eat !!! All the best for the new year!

leslie said...

you are so smart to make the traditions now, time will slip by so fast, just like you said. we do the christmas eve at my folks house, santa cookies left out for santa (ok, what the hell happened to YOUR cookies??chris and i are laughing at that photo), a yummy sweet christmas morning breakfast is a must... i think thats it for us. we are pretty simple.


Melanie said...

He looks so precious in his little hat!