Friday, January 23, 2009

Return to sender

I was in need of some new gift tags to have at the ready. I bought a wonderful set from The Paper Princess at Felt Club a couple of years ago. All she did was take a variety of tags that you find at any office supply store and change the string out for rickrack, twill tape, striped baker's twine, suede cord, etc. I loved those tags, and always seemed to have the right one on hand to complete a gift. It doesn't appear that she is selling a set like this right now on her website, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

Ever since I purchased this great stationery set on etsy, I have been collecting security envelopes

I have gotten pretty picky about which envelopes I keep - only the best designs make the cut. Although, there had been a decline in incoming supply since we receive and pay most of our bills online.

I have gathered quite a handy little stack of security envelopes to work with. I also had a Making Memories Tag Maker that I rarely use, plus the corresponding metal rim blanks I had purchased on sale at some point. Here are my tags

ready to adorn future outgoing gifts. Quick, easy, and cheap!

** The time has come to really reconsider my shopping habits, particularly in relation to crafts. Of course we all know the economy overall is in the crapper, but on top of that I have not been getting paid for a couple of months since I have been out on maternity leave, and, timing is everything, there is talk of dissolving the agency I work for. So the future of my job, like the jobs of so many others, is uncertain.

I am not thrilled about any of these things, but I am impressed with my ability to look at my existing craft supplies in a new light. You know, how to actually use the stuff I have accumulated over the years, and be excited about it. There are some things I kept with no idea how I would ever use them, but now have big plans for those items. It will be rare that I can do projects without adding small things to make it work - some bias tape, for example. But the bulk of the project materials should come primarily from my stash. Oh, and repurposing - that's a big goal as well.

So from here on in my craft posts will list items I used that I had on hand, and if anything was repurposed/upcycled. If I am so inclined, I will include the cost for the items I did purchase and/or the total cost of the project. So here goes:

On hand: Metal rims for making tags, twine

Upcycled: Security envelopes

Cost: Free!


Sarah and Jack said...

I have long been a crafter who tries to use what is on hand, rather than buy things, and I LOVE seeing crafts like this. I find it somewhat depressing to see a ton of cute crafts on blogs that it would cost a fortune to amass supplies for.

April said...

This is great! What a brilliant idea. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

i am very mary said...

I've been "freeing" it this year, too as well as really cutting out the eating out. It's been a big improvement for me!