Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Relaxing laundry gift

I play Favorites.

I figure every day, on average, I add 5-10 "Favorites" - be they etsy sellers, internet links, or blog posts through Google reader. It is getting pretty insane keeping track of it all - things I want to make, to buy, to eat... I look through the links periodically to try to weed out those that no longer strike my fancy. But still, I have overwhelmed myself with too much good stuff. Stop finding all the cool links, guys!

Anyway, I found this post through Kirtsy, and had it favorited. More for myself than anything, but then yesterday was my mom's birthday (and we were there on the day - it's been over a decade since that happened!), and I thought a basket of spa-like laundry goodies would be the perfect gift for her.

I just used vinegar for the laundry brightener, and Borax for the laundry booster, and added lavender scented essential oil to each. I also cut up a fat quarter into fourths and included those as reusable dryer sheets. Just add a few drops of the oil before tossing into the dryer. The brown envelope contains a printout of the blog post linked to above so that she might get some other ideas for making doing the laundry more like a relaxing bubble bath. Don't we wish!

On hand: Basket, bottle (French lemonade bottle from Cost Plus), screw lid jar, Borax, vinegar (I knew there was a reason I bought the gallon sized one!), fabric, ribbon and basket filler

Upcycled: Reused empty lemonade bottle

Cost: About $6 inc shipping for essential oil bought from etsy seller gotwick.


Sarah and Jack said...

This is a lovely gift. Who knew laundry stuff could be so pretty? said...

Now, you've inspired me! What a lovely gift.

African Kelli said...

Um, wow. That is incredible! Tell me, do you think the borax would get out heavy scents in clothing?

i am very mary said...

Bravo you genius adorable maker of gifties!

Junie Moon said...

This is absolutely an awesome gift and I'm going to blatantly copy the whole idea.