Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of the thank yous

Here is one of the T-Hank you gifts I sent out, for Telfair (the knitter)

It contained a hedgehog pouch I have been holding onto forever for her, smiley face knitting needles, and a knitting spool. I also included a pattern for a hat that uses size 10 needles, and a book each for Telfair and her daughter, Snoop.
The brown bag contains some stitch markers I fashioned out of Italian paper clips and some beads I had on hand. They didn't turn out super, but as I wrote on the bag - I tried.
Thank you again, kind friend, for thinking of us!
On hand: yarn used as box filler, pouch, knitting needles, yarn used to make backing for stitch markers, skirt pin, beads and findings
Upcycled: Yarn as packing material?
Cost: <$10 for yarn and knitting spool (purchased half off at Michaels)


i am very mary said...

I am LOVING the tally you're keeping. I need to steal that idea.

i am very mary said...

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