Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not the most creative thing you will see today...

...but it has a couple of cool characteristics.

This was my gift for BT this year - a pajama bag

An odd gift, you might think. Odder still is that my husband, after 7 years of marriage, just recently started wearing pajamas. I think it has something to do with being a dad, and not wanting the boy to grow up with images of his dad walking around in his skivvies. Kind of like the mama not wanting her son to grow up reminiscing about how dirty his mom's feet were. But I digress...

So, the pajama bag was necessary since BT was putting his pjs on top of our dresser every morning. I wanted to make a bag so they would have a place to go. Two restrictions: I didn't have many masculine fabrics on hand, and I also wanted to incorporate, somehow, the 7th anniversary traditional gift of wool or copper into whatever I made.

At some point it came to me to do a Swiss army inspired bag - it would be masculine, I figured, and I could cut the cross out of wool felt. But, it still didn't have the right fabric on hand. Or so I thought

I bought this pair of Thai fisherman pants when I was pregnant. I thought they would be kind of a funky thing to add to my otherwise boring Liz Lange maternity wardrobe. Well, they looked dumb then and even now* aren't quite the look I was going for.

I chopped them up, utilizing one leg for the bag, and making sure to incorporate some of the contrast waist color. The tie from the pants (which you can't see in the top pic but was sewn onto the back of the pants) was used for the bag's drawstring. It could be that I meant to sew the bag so that the pocket was on the outside, but I'll never tell.

~ Masculine design
~ Craft project for a man (not always easy to find something to make for men that will be used)
~ Reuse
~ Incorporates symbolic anniversary gift
~ Easy!

* Don't hate me that I was my pre-pregnancy weight and fit into my pre-pregnancy pants a week and a half after giving birth...and lost 12 more pounds since that time. It was all for naught, as these pants still looked stupid on me. I guess you need to have the waistline of, well, a Thai fisherman to pull this look off.


Sarah and Jack said...

Hey Jennifer, a most lovely surprise arrived yesterday. Thank you so very much. I had just been lusting after that a few weeks ago!

Junie Moon said...

The bag is a brilliant gift and I love the Swiss Army theme. As to the pants you shared with us, some things are just too comfortable for us to care much what they look like.

I also want to let you know how very much I appreciate the beautiful calendar you sent to me. I am so touched that you did this and will use it gratefully and with happy remembrance of your kindness.