Thursday, January 15, 2009

If they're gonna be here...

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! I am going to read over them in more detail, but I am thinking preliminarily that an upright stick vacuum for the floor followed by the Swiffer-like dry mop method I already use (I don't know what brand it is, but it has a larger head than a Swiffer and came with reusable cloths that I dampen before use) may be the best bet for the floors. The sweeping was the worse part, especially considering I have a kid strapped to me in a carrier for a majority of the day.There is a range of opinions suggested regarding the frequency of how often this activity should take place, from forgetaboutit to every day. I think I will land in the middle somewhere, as once a week is just not cutting it. It seems the Pedi Egg is a crowd favorite - will definitely be picking up one of those. And the deodorant - I am interested in the LUSH varieties suggested by Anon. I'll keep you posted!

One contributor (ok, two) to the perpetually dirty floors is of the feline variety. I *hate* writing this and being "one of those people" who complains about their pets once a baby comes along. Before you hate me, please consider the following. We took our two cats in eight years ago as a favor to somebody - not because we really wanted to two cats. They are basically feral, and not what you would consider fun, cuddly, lovey cats. We have done our best to make them feel at home over the years, but they never outgrew their skittishness.

Now, things have gone from bad to worse, as one rule we did implement with the baby is that no pets are allowed on the bed, as the baby spends a lot of time with us there. As a result, the cats seem to be frightened of us, as we will shoo them off the bed if we see them there. This is also one of two places the cats used to feel comfortable coming to us for pets (the other being the couch, but we don't have a couch right now). One cat has started hissing at me. She always hissed at BT, but not me. One last thing - the cats, since we have had them, have always been indoors. Any accidental escapes have proven that they could no longer make it outside.

So yeah - I won't say I want to get rid of the cats. But, I do wish they could go on a little vacay until Hank is older, and I am not so worried about every little thing that could affect his living space.

I guess this is as good of time as any to show you our litterbox solution. We don't have a laundry room anymore, and the bathroom is small and configured in a way that the litterbox would not fit in there. So, we took a cheap toy box from Target that the litterbox would fit inside of and made an entrance at one end

It is located in our hallway (near the bathroom). It works pretty well at keeping the litter contained, and most people are surprised to find out it is a litterbox

But the real reason for this post, besides bitching about our cats, is to share a new(?) program at Petco. If you buy one of their litter pails, you can come back and refill it for $12 or so. This is pretty cool, as one of the reasons I had switched to the Swheat Scoop was to avoid buying those plastic buckets over and over again. Some were reused, but most ended up getting recycled. The cardboard box for the wheat litter seemed like less of an environmental impact. Another good thing, according to my mom who has used the litter, is that it clumps so well she stopped using a plastic bag to line the box. I still use a bag, and it would be nice to eliminate that waste source as well. I guess there is the dust factor to consider (what if the litter causes Hank to have respiratory problems?) But I know I just need to take a chill pill and can the what ifs. Or stick the kid in a bubble.

And some of you may be wondering how Chuy is doing with the baby. Well, we figured there were two options. One, he would be protective of the baby. Two, he would be insanely jealous. He chose the latter. The no bed policy applies to him as well, implemented after he peed on the bed following me shooing him away from me while nursing. He goes to the bathroom indoors almost every night despite the fact that he goes out more often now that I am home during the day. And there are various other annoyances, like always being underfoot. But, what can you do. The animals are our babies too, I suppose.


leslie said...

you know i am with you on this jen! i am a flippen vegetarian because i love animals so much BUT when i had emily i became so freaked out about all the fur and fleas and "stuff" it's hard but and it doesnt get easier. i am hoping to have a nice big labrador someday (like when i am 60 and retired in the south of fance) yeah!!

you know chuy is the best though, at least he is housetrained!!! he can come to our house anytime (dont tell chris i said that!!!)

Turtlemoss said...

Sorry to post this on your comments, but I could not find yoru contact information...anyways, I'm pretty sure I saw this photo on YOUR flickr photo stream and thought you might like to know you're famous!!!