Friday, January 09, 2009

Hank says thanks!

We couldn't forget to thank all our lovely blog friends for the wonderful gifts they have sent for Hank! I tried to get a few "in action" shots to show our appreciation for your generosity.

Of course you remember this outfit from this wonderful package from Shanna.

I'm sure it will fit even better next month (he's growing up too fast {sniff}). I love his profile in the hat sooo much. We use almost all of the "essentials" from her package on a daily basis.

From Emy, we received this totally incredible quilt

I love it to pieces! The fabrics and colors are so perfect, and the jungle animal embroidery

is just too cute for words!! Hank, as you can see, enjoys it as well

From Telfair (and Snoop) we received a knitted kimono. I decided to get all artsy farsty taking shots of this one

Would you believe two minutes later this sleeping angel was screaming his head off? That's my little boy - Mr. 0 to 60.

and I were due just weeks apart. She sent the cutest rubber ducky (the polka dot one) and mousie soap

She also sent some adorable rock n roll squirty toys that are now stored in... a Boon Frog Pod

from Evie. It will be fun when he is old enough to play with all his toys! Right now the big entertainment is the light fixture on our bedroom ceiling.

And from Leslie, we received some of her fun cloth blocks (plus all sorts of other wonderful goodies - she spoils us rotten!)

Thanks to everyone so much for thinking of us!

Things are going pretty well overall at the two-month mark. We are in a bit of a behavior modification mode this weekend, as the mama determined being the human pacifier cannot be a 24/7 job (he won't take a *real* pacifier). Of course, her patient Hank is disappointed, but he is adapting to the change better than expected.

Hank is a talker - I swear I have on video evidence of him trying to imitate me saying Hello. From the very beginning his cry for food has been a distinctive "la" sound, which at times now comes out as a two syllable "la-la." Child prodigy? Lol - I'm sure every mother thinks her kid is a genius. He also likes to stand up in my lap and receive kisses and praise for being a "big boy" as a reward. He smiles and coos at people, as well as his "friends" (various inanimate objects throughout his room).

Seeing his little gummy smile and excited kicky legs pretty much answers any cosmic questions I may have had as to why I have been put on this earth :)


i am very mary said...

Oh yes, the "why am I here?" questions fly out the window, don't they? Even 11 years later? She's still the reason I'm here:)

Shanna said...

oh he's too sweet! in the first picture his expression is priceless "why the heck is she taking a picture of me in all this?"...he's adorable! hopefully it will fit better soon! jerrett went from having to wear preemie sizes for 3 weeks and jumped to 6 months after that! it all goes by so fast!

Kira said...

What a sweetie! He looks so cozy in that knitted outfit! And I love that last shot of him peeking throught the blocks!

Emy said...

He makes the blanket I made even more beautiful!!!
By the way, it gets much easier after month 3. You'll no longer feel like a permanent fixture to his mouth. :D I say this with a baby stuck to my boob. It gets better though,I promise. Try to keep with it if you can. You're doing great!

Natasha said...

What beautiful boy and lovely gifts!! SO so nice!

Natasha said...

What beautiful boy and lovely gifts!! SO so nice!

leslie said...

how cool! i remember emily's "ha ha ha " breathlessly spoken at 2 months of age, it was such a clear sound, real speech to me.

the cabin is ready for ya!