Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eco packing filler

I have some thank you gifts to send out, as you can imagine. The local gals and I have an ongoing gift exchange, so no worries there, and I sent Coleen, the French Club teacher, the yellow gown I made previously using Noah's Ark fabric printed in French prior to precious little Charlie's arrival.

So that leaves us with two seamstresses and a knitter. I put together their gifts (to be shown at a later date), and got the packages ready to send. Now, I could have filled the packages with the packing peanuts that I have saved from packages I have received. But something about using those nowadays with society's heightened sense of environmental awareness makes me feel dirty.

(the devil's packing material)

Coincidentally, I had just collected a bag of fabric scraps that I was deciding what to do with. I just don't have room to save them any longer (at least not every single scrap I generate), and I never really use them in any new projects anyway. The original intended destination for a large garbage bag full of scraps was this non-profit. But, the rusty wheels started turning when I realized that I could use the scraps as filler for the boxes I was sending out

Not only would the scraps protect the contents of the box, but the recipients could perhaps find a use for them (provided they are better about using their scraps than I am).

The wheels started turning faster when I realized I also had a few balls of yarn that I had set aside for Goodwill. I used a couple of those to line the box of the knitter's gift

I know it would be kind of a pain to untangle this mess (though I find unwinding a tangle of yarn very cathartic). In any case, she could use this yarn as stuffing for a future project, or reuse it as filler for a gift she is sending out.

Hope the recipients like their gifts, packing material included!

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