Monday, January 19, 2009

Cabin Fever

Today is our 7th anniversary.

We don't usually make a big deal out of anniversaries - just little gifts, and maybe going out to eat. But this year, I really wanted to go someplace - get away from the dirty floors and the messy animals for one weekend. And it had to be someplace we could take Hank without worrying about the neighbors, his eating schedule, etc.

Enter Leslie. Of course you know she has this awesome A-frame up in the mountains. I made some off-hand comment about wishing we could get up the mountains to see the snow, and before we knew it we had keys and directions in hand with her and her husband's wishes to have fun.

It was just what we needed right now, and for that I am more grateful than words can express. Even though Hank was super gassy from the change in altitude, I guess, and we didn't have our guaranteed knock-out "pill," his swing, to ensure long naps, it was still very relaxing.

Leslie requested I take a few pics to see the cabin from my perspective. So here goes

There were a few naps, enjoyed by daddy, mama, and baby. And I found this sun toy Hank fell in love with...

Thank you so much Leslie for a wonderful weekend! And I hope you don't mind that we borrowed the sun toy, just for a little while...?

Psst...I have some pics on Flickr from Leslie and my trip to the cabin around this time last year when we went up from a crafting weekend, and nearly got snowed in! We didn't get much crafting done that trip, but lots of chatting and relaxing. I brought the same craft project up this time (hadn't been touched in the meantime. You can see a corner of my cutting mat in the first pic here), and actually made a little progress this time.


Coleen said...

Lucky!!! I wish we could get away! That little boy looks so huggable! More pictures, please! :)

leslie said...

awesome!! i am soooo glad you had a good time, seriously you can go anytime you want! chris and i laughed about the sun toy, i hope you took it with you!! we have too many toys up there and all the baby stuff is left over from lizzies baby days. thanks for taking pictures, it was fun to see your perspective. we will be heading up this weekend most likely, hoping to soak up as much snow as possible. it was so dang hot here (we went to the beach today, can you believe it?)


and yes we can come for dinner sometime soon, the girls like chicken nuggets (micky d type stuff) anything with cheese actually.

Suse said...

That same Ikea snake lives on my boys' bunk beds ladder.

(Love that first shot of the dishes).