Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Any advice?

I need your advice on a few things since, collectively, you all are the experts.

1) Keeping a wood (ok, laminate) floor clean. With two cats and a dog and two Chinese elm trees in the front yard. Do I really have to sweep and dry mop every day? Is that what you do?

2) Have nice feet. Related to #1, really, as walking around the house and out to the garage to do laundry barefoot gives me black hillbilly feet by the end of the day. Not to mention my tendency to wear sandals every day (sorry snowed in folks) has given me ugly cracked heels. Ugh! Any products that really work for the cracked heels would be great, and I will try to wear socks more often. If I wear socks in the house, maybe they will help keep the floor clean...?

3) A natural deodorant that works. I have been using Tom's of Maine and Jason since I became pregnant. I have cycled through all of the scents, and none of them work at all for me anymore. I joked about my hippie stank for awhile, but I think people (like my husband) are getting tired of it. Has anybody made their own?


Dirty and stinky and living in a hovel

P.S. Along the hippie line, I think BT will pack up and leave if I try any of the patchouli scented natural deodorants. That is all.

20 comments: said...

I sweep daily and mop each room once a week. We keep a towel by the bag door and wipe our dogs paws each time she comes in. It works pretty well for us. If I'm going out to the garage or yard I slip on a pair of shoes I keep by the door for just this purpose.

I've been using The Crystal for some time now and it works pretty well! My husband uses Pure and Simple (I think!) and he loves it. HTH!

Mo said...

#2. I use a combo of two products. Pretty Feet and Hands and Alpha Hydrox Foot & Problem Area Cream. Your feet will be like your baby's bottom. ;) I can't find either in the stores anymore and have had to order them from

twb said...

My husband uses the Dermalogica deodorant and loves it.

S'mee said...

Laminate floors: If you can, save up and get thee a Roomba. I swear by it. That said, we are surrounded only by dirt and the fine dust in a night mare that must be mopped once a week. I use a flat plate type "mop" with a terry cloth fitted (like a fitted sheet) cover. I rinse the cover with warm water, squeeze to almost dry and mop away. Perfect. Pop in the wash and it's ready for later.

Feet: THE best $10.00 you will EVER spend on your feet will be in acquiring a Pedi-Egg. I gave them away for Christmas this year and sing sing sing the praises thereof. HINT: Really, use the pedi-egg BEFORE the shower, on absolute dry feet and your result will be utterly amazing.

No clue on the deodorant.

S'mee said...

yup, everything they say actually is true about it. Ronco here we come, but it WORKS!!! (Walmart/Target/RiteAide/Walgreens...all have them)

Sarah and Jack said...

1) Ignore the floors. When people ask tell them you are sure your headstone wouldnt have said anything about how clean your floors are anyway. Alternately, blame it on the baby. He keeps you way too busy. (Never mention the naps.)

2) Wear socks to hide the ugly. What? It works for me.

3) Wear none. See excuses in number 1.

Laine said...

1. I loved the swiffer when I had wood floors--though I'd be using a microfiber cloth now, if I still had them. Its gets the dust a little dirt, but you have to sweep every now and then for the big stuff. I didn't do it everyday, though I probably could have, but thats just excessive.

2. Put on nice thick lotion, then socks. It feels all slimy, but softens your feet. I only do this every now and then, when they get really dry, not every day. Also, I will admit to using sandpaper on calloused heels.

3. Ok, I've never actually used their deodorant, but I love their lotion and lip balm.

Melanie said...

#1, I use a swiffer with a damp rag instead of the paper swiffer to capture dust bunnies and hair daily. At least once a week I mop with hot water and white vinegar solution and buff it dry with a big cloth mop. Also, I used a little dust vac on the baseboards and around the litter box when I had a cat.

#2, callus shaver or ped egg to wear downt hose cracks and remove the calluses, and then always clean, lotion up, and wear socks to bed. Socks keeps the moisture in.

#3, It's hopeless. You need to go back to an anti-perspirant like Certain Dri.

Hope this helps and I loved the latest pics of Hank modeling the crafty wares!

Heidi said...

1) I vacuum rather than sweep my wood floors. It felt like a broom or Swiffer just pushes the stuff around and blows the dog hair into tumbleweeds, but the vacuum sucks it right up. I love my Dyson! I don't mop often enough (I'm lazy and it seems like a waste of time with a toddler & a big dog messing it right up again) but when I do, I use a product for wood floors called Zep and a flat mop thing like S'mee commented about.

2)lots and lots of lotion. Maybe neutrogena? How would you feel about wearing slippers around the house? Or like Rachel said, keep a pair of slip ons right outside the door for when you need to go into the garage.

Emy said...

1. we have one of those quick vacuums you see on tv. and i sweep a lot. i like it though. and i crochet'ed a cover for my swiffer. wet it and it works nice.

2. socks and vaseline. or corn hunskers lotion. i swear by these.

3. angry chicken has a recipe for homemade that i have been wanting to try. i read your diet can make you smell too. i think its postnatal hormones! i was never this smelly before.

Anonymous said...

Re #1:Roomba really works on pet hair.

Re #3: Try Aromaco (run a block under warm water then apply) or Aromacreme (stronger, can be irritating if you have sensitive skin) from LUSH. Mostly natural and seriously- the only things that have worked for me, and I have tried many many products. Not anti-perspirant but very effective deodorants.

Coleen said...

That's so funny!I just gave up on Tom's yesterday after I couldn't stand the smell of myself... gave in to Secret. How I missed my Secret!

shanna said...

i used to live in a house with wood floors. i went to the dollartree and bought one of those dust mops, the long skinny kind that looks like a push broom. i just did a quick once over in each room once a week. if there was a spill i'd clean it up. othewise i only mopped with a wood floor cleaner once amonth. sad to say it but i used the swiffer for wood floors.

i am always in socks and slippers during the day because i get cold feet but when i go out i tend to wear flip-flops a lot. i use Vaseline Intensive Care Heal Guard at night and sleep with socks on. It works really well and is cheap. maybe get some of those slipper flip-flops so it's soft on your heels and invest in a pumice stone!

Karbee said...

I hoover my laminate floor every second day and mop after that. I keep a pair of slip on's by the kitchen door for going outside in and wear ankle socks around the house in winter - barefoot in summer. I use a pumice stone on my cracked heels and moisturise with Avon foot cream.

Diane said...

I sweep my floors every night and use a Bissell steam mop every couple of days. Love that steam mop! Quick, easy, does a great job and no chemicals needed! As far as the feet, I'd recommend a professional pedicure--just once in a while to keep things under control, maybe every six weeks or so and then lots of Gold Bond foot cream in between. No clues on the B.O. killer. I'm still using Mitchum for ladies. I know its full of chemicals, but it works and I'm too lazy to find something else right now.

ana lilia said...

#2 i use a pedegg and i just learned that lanolin is also good for dry, cracked skin, so i'm going to start using my left over lansinoh from when i breastfed my now almost 3 year old. if you're nursing, you might already have that. you probably won't even need to use the whole tube throughout the time you nurse, so i'm sure you could use some on your heels. a little goes a long way!

i am very mary said...

#1 a teeny dirt devil with the long handle. perfection

eviedee said...

The Rhoomba is awesome! I run it 1-3 times per week, depending on how much the cats are shedding. Remember that feeling that you had when you hired someone to clean your bathroom? Imagine having that feeling several times a week without having to pay anyone! (Just don't buy the super cheap Rhoomba, the more advanced models do a better job.)

woof nanny said...

This post is of special interest to me because I am in the process of installing a laminate floor.

I am so going to buy a Pedi-egg now.

I don't really get the 'no pets on the bed' deal, but I'm sure you already knew that. I've seen babies and kitties co-mingle just fine, but then again, they weren't feral types.

The toy box/cat box is a great idea!

Yolanta said...

#2 for smooth feet the best is Flexitol heel balm. You can get it at Target ~$5. It made wonders for my feet.
Also soaking your feet in warm water with some soap and Epson salt and removing dry skin with some kind of devise as Pedi-Egg before applying Flexitol is even more efficient.