Saturday, December 13, 2008

Take 131

Getting a nice, "professional" looking picture of a baby sure ain't easy. I knew I wanted to do a photo of Hank in a Christmas costume for our cards this year. Santa was the obvious choice, but then I found a reindeer outfit at Kmart that I thought was super cute.

After getting the lighting right, removing said costume at least once for a diaper change, and nursing a few times to ensure a calm demeanor in the photograph, I proceeded to take picture after picture (131 in all), hoping to catch a good one. Hank was two weeks at the time, so there was no chance of a smile, or so I thought

Maybe it is just a gleam in his eye, but he looks pretty engaged in this pic (versus the dozens of photos of him getting ready to cry, or staring off into space). At first I wasn't sure about the hand in the face (picking a booger?) but, as several people have pointed out since, it looks like he is "laying a finger aside of his nose" a la 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Guess we should have gone with the Santa suit after all?

The Christmas cards were the only crafty thing I *had* to get done this year. Still working on a few things for family members, but we'll see. If they get done, great, if not, no worries.

I also used this as our photo to give to our obstetrician to put on his wall of babies

I'm sure he hasn't tended to many reindeer babies before.


Sarah and Jack said...

He is such a gorgeous baby.

I wish I had used Jack on the Christmas cards in the first few year, I've only done it the last two. (However, the actual photo taking is enough to make me drink. Again. LOL)

Emy said...

What a cutie pie! I wish I had gotten off of my lazy bum to take photos. :D

Shanna said...

oh he's so cute! just wait until he gets older! the christmas pictures only get harder! there was a lot of candy to get him to smile and now it's extra computer time! jerrett drew our cards this year and i had them made into postcards on

btw: we're coming to cali for a vacation on jan. 22! we're staying for 3 weeks so maybe we can get together!

Jenn said...

Super cute! I love the reindeer outfit :)