Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Raincheck - again

Ok - so no stocking tute this year - again. I give credit to folks that say they can have a tutorial ready in a day. Hah! I really want to do a good job with this one, including a pattern to print out, so I'll have to postpone one more year.

Here are the three stockings for the newest members of the family

(Click on picture to see detail. Reindeer nabbed from Target dollar section stocking! Other shapes cut and sewn by hand, including a l l of those sequins on the candy cane.)

Fortunately we will have (at least) two new babies next year, so I know I will have stockings to make and will *hopefully* have time to document the process!


leslie said...

hey jen! those stockings are super cute! check out soulemama, i flippen won the fairy and fairy house she had as a give away! i won out of more than 1700 comments! how cool is that???


i swear i will come by soon, i am working like a freak to get bills paid. this saturday i am driving to hollywood to meet wendy crabb, she's a local artist. remember our first "date?" thanks for hanging with me all this time, glad we both didnt turn out to be psycho!

Full of Heart said...

Wow, you are really crazy to do all those sequins! But they do look great!