Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mama's Little Helpers

Things that help me get by day by day -

~ Email. I despise the phone as of late. I pretty much assume anyone who calls me on the phone hates me, as the calls inevitably come right when I sat down to nurse, or nap, or steal 5 minutes for myself.

~ Bookswim. I am not I repeat NOT giving up on our local public library. This is just temporary. But...for the next few months I am going to need a lot of reading material to get through our frequent nursing sessions. Bookswim is a tad slow getting the books back and forth, but the books are current, don't have a hold list, and I don't need to be subjected to the automated telephone call (see #1 above) from the library letting me know when my books are ready for pick up. Soon enough we will be back at the library, and Hank will be getting his very own library card.

~ Fresh & Easy. Convenient, budget friendly, and they have a wide assortment of pre-made dinners that freeze well and aren't laden with scary preservatives. I can be there and back before Hank's next chow time.

And what is needed - Mobile eyeglass repair or better yet mobile Lasik. Wearing glasses is such a pain in the arse right now...


telfair said...

Don't glasses suck when you have a newborn??

I remember when I realized that I could actually read & nurse at the same time, I felt guilty for awhile but then it was like a new world opened up to me.

I *still* hate the phone and Snoop is 3.5 months old!!

Sweet P's Blog said...

Jen, you crack me up. I've always hated the phone or anything that interrupts what I'm doing. I know what you mean about how fast your little boy is growing. My Matt was 20 lbs by 4 months old. I could hardly believe it.

Holly tells me what an amazing mommy you are. I'm not surprised. I hope to meet that little (and growing) boy some day.

Auntie P

leslie said...

oh nursing, just love it because you will lose that baby weight. i need something like that now, help!


i promise to come by soon, miss you and need some newborn baby love to remind me why we have kids in the first place (4 turning 5 is rough!)

xoxoxo oh and totally get the phone thing, that doesnt go away even after you stop nursing. sorry.

Coleen said...

ha! What I want to know is why people still ring the door bell? One day soon I'll probably lose it... the baby wakes, the dog goes nuts, the cats gets all spazzy... or maybe we were all in a beautiful nap!