Saturday, December 13, 2008

Look, Everybody! It's the Christmas Cockroach!

I was pretty darn ecstatic when I saw BT's cousin's Instructable featured on Craft. I'm not sure how the person posting his Instructable of intricately cut snowflakes came across it, but you can tell from the write up they were pretty darn impressed, as was I. Tom said it is part of his "15 megabytes of fame," lol.

Not figuring I could learn a new craft of this caliber, even with a well-written set of instructions, I beseeched Tom to make me a few snowflakes. When asked what designs I wanted, I said it was his choice.

Always the cynic (hence his screename), Tom made a couple of snowflakes highlighting "less obvious," to say the least, winter images, including snails

and cockroaches

Luckily Tom and I totally get each other, so they were well received. But deep down, I know Tom is a big softy. He made this one for his second cousin Hank

It features his name, and overalls. Because all Hanks should wear overalls.

Thanks so much, Tom!!


eviedee said...

These are so neat, they walk such a wonderfully fine line.

ice pink stars said...

I would normally scream and run like... a little girl (?) at the thought of a cockroach. But these look SO awesome!!! :]

leslie said...

super cool!