Monday, December 01, 2008

It's beginning to look.. least a little bit like Christmas!

The tree is the only decoration I have planned this year. We still don't have much space for displaying stuff in the new house. You probably wonder what the hell is going on over here on the renovation front, but rest assured BT is working hard to get each room in order. Now he is working on our tiny guest room/craft room - the most important room in the house.

This year's tree theme is retro modern. I bought the tinsel tree on clearance from Walmart last year for 20 bucks or so. The light is LED, and does not make that great clicking noise that the real tinsel trees make... but, we enjoy watching the lights change just the same

I bought ornaments last year on clearance (mainly from Target, Ikea, Kmart, and Dollar tree) that were aqua, silver, and lime green (was supposed to be more of an olive green, but difficult to find ornaments in that shade). I can't remember the inspiration for the color theme, but I know it was from somebody's blog (fess up if it was yours). I am always anxious decorating the tree with the hodge podge or ornaments I have collected the year previous, wondering how it will turn out. Pretty happy with this one! Sorry the pics are so crappy - bad backlighting. No craft ornament projects this year, though - I needed a break.

I did get my Christmas shopping done around this time last month, and even wrapped everything up (jealous?)

The *best part* was addressing presents to our little elf before he even made his appearance.

Previous theme trees:

2007: Swedish

2005: Tropical

2004: Cowboy


Blondie said...

This is my favorite tree yet!

Coleen said...

How do you find the time to post??? I can't even seem to upload my photos! Are you loving this? Getting any sleep? Around 6 weeks, like magic, things get sooo much easier... at least for us. We think Hank's just sooo cute! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Coleen - He's a sleepy boy! I get a few good naps out of him every day. I also "wear" him a lot in his carrier so my hands are free. At night he wakes up twice at about the same times every night, eats, and falls right back asleep.

Now - nobody jinx me and tell me he'll grow out of this stage. I am loving being a mama! Can't wait to see more pics of Charlie!!

Sarah and Jack said...

One year my grandma was SO excited to have had all the Christmas shopping done well before Christmas. In fact, it was before Thanksgiving that she had all the wrapping done. She stashed the pressies in a closet, went to get them out on Christmas eve and discovered that ALL of the scotch tape had come unstuck in that month between. LOL

What a disaster that was.

leslie said...

oh man, i love that white trash tree, chris and i laughed our heads off reading about it. we got a tinsel tree from a garage sale about a month ago, i think we are gonna put it up as well. we will be twins! still need to head over to see that sweet baby of yours!


Melanie said...

Aww. I love that last picture of the gift tag. This is going to be your best Christmas ever! Congratulations on your beautiful baby.

Greta Adams said...

ACKKKKKKK bloglines ate your feed....i switched to google reader so hopefully i can stay abreast... I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED ALL THIS EXCITMENT!!!
very annoyed with bloglines...
but the baby is sooooooo handsome....i could just snuggle all day!!!

huge congrats

African Kelli said...

Wowie! This is just great. The tree is beautiful and I love how your wrapping coordinates. Nicely done!

John said...
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