Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Simple Thanks

I was blessed many times over during my pregnancy by friends and family who threw lovely showers to celebrate the new baby. I *wish* I could show you the cake to end all cakes that was served at the shower given by BT's family, but it had Baby's name on it, and I know you want that to be a surprise :)

The last shower was a "virtual" one, given by my extended family in the Midwest. They still all got together and enjoyed cake and each other's company, even though the guest of honor was 2,000 miles away. So sweet of them!

In sitting down to write thank you cards, I realized I didn't have quite enough of the cards I have been sending out to folks. What to do? Run out to Target and buy more? Or, try to make due with what I had?

I opted for the latter. One, although it is difficult for me to access all of my craft supplies (multiple moving boxes must be moved to get at the ones I need for any given project), I guess it is time to start using all the wonderful craft supplies in my collection versus sifting through them periodically in a reverent fashion. Additionally, I am a little freaky panicky about going out in public right now. Visions of my water breaking in the middle of the frozen foods aisle keeps me pretty close to home unless there is no other option or BT is with me.

The cards are simple, but the sentiments inside are heartfelt. And isn't that all that matters?

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