Sunday, November 09, 2008


This month is one of my favorite holidays - Thanksgiving. But, I do not have any grandiose plans this year to host a big dinner, or decorate the house. In fact, we are ordering a pre-made dinner, and plan to just have my parents for company.

My thoughts and planning as of late have had to extend much further out than Thanksgiving, to Christmas. I could have pulled the "got a new baby card" this year and ducked out of gift giving and the like. But, that is not my style. So, I did all of my Christmas shopping last month, and this month have focused on a few simple craft projects. I really hope I get them done in time! It's so hard to be up against a time clock when you have no idea when that clock will go off...

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jungle dream pagoda said...

in bloggy world! I am trying to se what my old cyber peeps have been up to. BOY ,have you been up to something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy for you ! You will be such an awesome Mommy!
Can't wait to see pics of the new little man!
The nursery looks great!