Saturday, November 29, 2008

The poop on the diapers

I have been getting many questions in *real life* about what we are doing for diapers, and expect some of you are wondering the same.

After considering our options to disposable, we ended up signing up for a service. I believe Dy-Dee is the last cloth diaper service in the LA area. After delivery of our bag of diapers and diaper pail (with air freshener!), we used the diapers for about a week. They

1) Work great - less leaks than we have had with the disposables

2) Cost about the same as disposables, and the company has a great environmental ethic to reduce criticism about water usage, truck miles, etc.

3) Are easy to use. We used the diapers with Bummis diaper covers - no pins or snaps needed to keep the diaper in place. I could load the diaper cover one handed in about the same amount of time as it takes to get a disposable one ready.

4) We had a gift certificate for a free month.

So - why are we using disposables again?

Let's chalk it up to mama guilt. It's been hard to put my explanation into words. I guess I still haven't gotten over feeling bad for the discomfort Hank went through his first few days. His little feet had so many pin pricks on them from diabetes tests, and multiple bilirubin tests (those tests took about 15 minutes to draw the blood, and he screamed the whole time). Oh, and I forgot to mention that they botched his circumcision and he had a bruised scrotum for a few days. Poor little guy!

Anyway, with the cloth, Hank developed a little bit of diaper rash. Just a touch, really, and I'm sure with some preventative measures it would have gone away. Plus, they made his butt HUGE! Not sure once he gets more mobile how he would have hauled his big ass around.

Even though these things sound minor, they were enough to put me in a crying jag about how I never wanted to cause him any pain or discomfort again. I know - diaper rash is nothing compared to illnesses and injuries we have to look forward to. And I'm sure he would have adapted to his bulky lower half. But, I just don't feel like subjecting him to that right now. So, Dy-Dee came by one more time to take the diapers away. Oh, and 7th Generation had the same effect with the diaper rash, so Pampers it is. We suck!

On a brighter environmental note, the flannel wipes and and water are working out really well for us. Maybe we can save a few cubic feet of landfill space at least!


shanna said...

some things don't turn out as planned...and this is one of them. if it's better for hank and makes you feel better then it's totally worth it. what detergent did the diaper service use? hank might have had a reaction? jerrett couldn't use any diaper but LUVS because he got diaper rash, which can become very serious. maybe later on down the road you can try cloth again. {hugs}

Nomadic said...

I used cloth for both of my kids, back in the dark ages. LOL My older son developed a yeast infection, which was easily cured by my eating yogurt since I was nursing at the time. After that, I learned to leave a diaper off of him for a bit every day. I would lay him on a blanket in the sun coming in a window for about 10 minutes a day. Viola, no more rashes ever! I used both cloth (at home) and disposables, but I preferred the cloth because they were so much cheaper.

Good luck, whichever way you choose. :)

juliekintaiwan said...

Many things get planned before the baby comes that change after the baby arrives. All of parenthood will be simply making adjustments to what we originally wanted to do and be. You love your babe and that's the most important. Blessings to you and continue to follow your instincts.

Sarah and Jack said...

Don't feel bad about the diaper Cloth never worked for Jack either. But then again, neither did pampers, huggies or luvs. It had to be generic diapers only. (Something about the gel in the fancy ones made him break out something terrible.)

Emy said...

Don't feel bad about having to use them. All moms plan on doing things one way and then the baby comes along and you figure out what's best for him. You're doing awesome. :D

mascanlon said...

My daughter went the same route earlier this year and has settled on the Pampers too. She was using flannel to wipe that was a mess to wash, the small size just twisted up on itself like crazy and then found simple wash cloths like 10 for
$5.00 at Target...a little sturdier than flannel and wash up nicely. Such a wonderful time as you all get to know each other, its all about the love!

mo said...

I think Emy is right- so many plans that go by the wayside when the baby comes home. Neither of my kids could use anything but huggies or pampers because they would get horrible rashes. My son slept in his carseat for six months because it was the only place he could sleep. I think being semi upright and snuggled in helped him. I spent the whole six months beating myself up that he was sleeping in the carseat and you know what? It just did not matter. He is nine now and completely unscarred from the carseat bed. He is a lucky little one because his Mom can adapt to what he needs. And what a sweet little boy he is.