Saturday, November 22, 2008

Homemade for Baby by others

Week 2: We anticipated some day the baby might earn the nickname of Hank the Tank. Just didn't anticipate it would be in week two of his life. This boy can EAT!

Just wanted to show off some of the lovely homemade items we received. From friends ~

Of course, this lovely painting you saw as part of the nursery tour

From a friend who started out as a crocheter, and in a short amount of time has surpassed my knitting skills tenfold, this cute as can be sweater and dino

Isn't the dino's face the sweetest thing you have ever seen?
And from my Japanese co-worker, these cute as can be booties, bear, bib, and wrist rattle

the faces on the booties - ack!

*New* From Telfair (and Snoop!) this adorable kimono

The color of the yarn is so soft and snuggly. Hank is going to be a cozy baby this winter with his knits from blog friends!

From family, Hank received ~

A homemade blanket from his great grandma

that we will cherish always.

*New* From Hank's Great Great Aunts (that's right - 3 generations!), these lovely blankies

The one on the left was done using a technique called Swedish Weaving or Huck Emboridery. A couple of my great aunts are skilled in this craft. And the afghan is a welcome addition to the handmade bunky collection. Does anyone have any good advice for displaying knit/crochet blankets?? I hate to just have them sitting in a drawer all the time.

which is super cool, considering I had one similar (mine was a squirrel) growing up.

And my cousin designed these really sweet scrapbooks and journals

I have been debating if I will finally get into scrapbooking, now that I have a picture worthy subject. Until I decide, these scrapbooks, that fit a single photo on each page, will fit the bill. In terms of memory keeping, I am using the journals above to record weekly milestones, and I am also planning on taking my blog entries from pregnancy and his first year and having them made into a book.

OK - Gotta go fill up the Tank!


Emy said...

That sweater is amazing!!! I can't believe it's handmade! Wow, Hank is one lucky baby!
And great job so far! Us moms don't get the pats on the back we deserve!! :D

Maria Rose said...

Wow, what great gifts you have received. I still have several homemade items that were given to me as a child!