Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Green" thanks

In addition to thank you cards, I also needed a few thank you gifts for the hostesses of the baby showers given for Baby. I had a couple versions of the gift bags I would put together. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the other bag, which contained cards with the person's initial, a magnetic picture frame, and a Choxie candy bar (all from Target).

The second type of gift bag had more of a green theme

Green, that is, you set aside that most of the items were probably made in China using less than environmentally preferred materials and production processes...

So anyway - the reusable shopping bags were from Joann's dollar section. They fold up into a tiny bag, perfect for sticking in your purse. The buttons and notebook were from Target dollar section and the magnet was from Walmart dollar section. The tag is from Target as well. The globe chocolates were the only truly "green" item, and were purchased from Whole Foods.
I had one extra globe chocolate left over after assembling the gift bags, and decided to give it to the guy who means the most to me

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Anonymous said...

Who other than Jenn would go to her own baby shower and bring gifts for all of us. We were supposed to be there in honor of her and yet we receive such thoughtful gift bags. It was a wonderful surprise and I personally loved my bag of goodies. It is always exciting to see what new craft bags, baskets and gifts that Jenn comes up with. So, thank you Jenn for being the person that you are. You have so much love to give that your little one will be truly blessed to have you as a mother.

Love you, Jenn #2 :)

PS Madeline is doing better thanks for keeping us in your thoughts