Monday, November 03, 2008

2 weeks to go

and holding...!

Baby is not giving any indication that he is on his way out soon. I have yet to experience a contraction, Braxton Hicks or otherwise. I have not dropped. And there have been no "plugs" or "shows" (sorry for TMI). His status depends if you are a glass half empty or half full kind of gal - he's either happy where he is, or scared sh*tless to come out and meet the crazy lady that's been his hostess the past 9 months.

Well, when he does decide to make his appearance, his nursery is all but finished. There are a couple of structural things (refinishing the closet doors and the main door to the room are the biggies), and one or two details. I am not one for keeping the door closed when a baby is sleeping, so I am not worried about the door, and I am not anxious to cover up this loveliness, so no rush on the closet doors, either. I do, however, want to install a baby gate from the get go to keep the Destructive Duo (our two cats) out of the room as well as I can. One cat in particular is very interested in all that has been placed in the nursery.

So, here is the room!!

I am calling it "Jungle Lite." I didn't really intend to have a theme - just wanted to have bright colors. But, I fell for this bedding set and associated stuffed animals from Ikea, and went from there. You know me and the themes...

The paintings

are *original artwork* by three of my nephews. Admittedly I directed them as to which animal I wanted each of them to do. Little Parker did the "monkey" on the right. He is able to do a monkey, but this was his first time painting, and he had much more fun exploring what happened when he mixed the colors together. When he was told by his mom that Aunt Jen wanted a monkey, he said No, this is what Aunt Jen wants. And he was right.

Our painting project involved blocks of color on one wall with decals from Michaels placed on each one

The decals were such a fortuitous find, as we originally intended to hand paint silhouettes of animals on the color blocks. So thankful we didn't need to go that route!

Here is our little sitting corner

The quilt was made by my mom's friend, and the lovely painting is from my friend, who coincidentally has an etsy shop.

The toy case is one of my favorite things in the room

It is by the company Guidecraft. It is two sided, so there are cubbies on the back as well. These little canvas bins from Target fit perfectly (the cubbies are kind of an odd size). It is already filling up with fun low tech toys!

Near the door has a more tropical flavor. I can't capture the whole area in one shot (namely because the doorway was taped off at the time for painting). But, here is a basket of "grab and go" items for use and two little dolls I bought in Hawaii.

More pics on Flickr!


leslie said...

gorgeous jen! dont forget i have some stuff for you as well... got to get together before you pop! love the artwork and the white walls (i have a fondness for white walls) AND that cubby is to die for! you can use that forever, what a great purchase. cant wait for photos of you rocking that baby in your cute cozy corner.

Sarah and Jack said...

I know you are getting anxious to meet him, but dont forget to enjoy what is quite possibly the last 2 weeks of your life that you will sleep past 4 30 am.LOL!

Our cats were very curious about all the baby stuff before Jack arrived. Once he arrived? Not so much. Two of them took off for the hills, I dont think we saw much of them for a whole month. The other gave Jack a sniff or two, was like, eh, and was done with it.

telfair said...

Your nursery is just awesome -- it's definitely full of love that your little one will revel in!

At 2 weeks out, I hadn't really had any indication that anything was forthcoming, either...I did have some Braxton Hicks, but they stopped when I got closer to my due date!

I echo the comment above -- just enjoy the last 2 weeks, I look back on them with sort of misty nostalgia now. It was such a happy and expectant time -- totally unlike anything else I've ever felt.
We are all eagerly waiting along with you for your little one's arrival!!

Jane said...

So awesome! Every detail is delightful. I especially love your nephews art work!

shanna said...

super cute nursery!

jerrett showed no signs of wanting to come out either! i never had a braxton hicks so when i went into labor 2 weeks before my due date i waited for 6 hours before we went to the hospital. which was fine 'cause i didn't want the drugs anyway!

enjoy the 2 weeks! maybe he'll be born on my birthday (the 19th!)

Emy said...

Cute! Enjoy yourself while you can. :D I haven't slept well in over a year. But its worth it. I had no braxton hicks with Cale. Tons with Mabel though.
Please send me your address, by the way.

Inverted Gravity said...
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Anne said...

The room is perfect. I really love the touch of the nephew's art.